Planting for the future

Aiming to alert young people about the importance of reforestation and enabling them to participate effectively in this experience, we created the “Planting”. A community task force involving scouts, friends and sympathizers to annually carry out the planting of native trees previously selected. The action may occur in areas such as river banks, springs and others. This project materializes in a remarkable way and with great social visibility, the essential message of the BASE and allows the participation of society in the process.


Trees 0%
Fruit 0%
Vegetal cover 0%
Water Preservation 0%

Our philosophy

The Cerrado is one of the largest biomes on the planet, but is in the process of accelerating extinction. With urban sprawl and agricultural activities, we lost important areas for the conservation of springs and the survival of species of fauna and flora. We need to raise awareness for the conservation of our planet, before it is too late and we can no longer recover degraded areas.

There are several actions that can be taken, and each is an important part of this process of awareness and preservation. You can collaborate by donating part of your time or funds so that our actions can continue.

You can help us by publicizing our projects, passing on our messages or by donating funds for our environmental preservation campaigns.

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