Our project is part of the Scout Movement http://escoteiros.org.br. Idealized, planned and executed directly by the Clube da Flor de Lis, the project is officially known as the The Scout Base of Research and Environmental EducationTHE BASE.

The Flor de Lis Club is linked to the Scout Region of Goiás / Regional Board http://escoteirosgo.org.br and is formed by a group of scouts and supporters with the objective of contributing to the growth of scouting in the region, participating in processes of seeking partnerships with other social and public organizations, among others.

The project was conceived from the knowledge acquired by the coordinator, Scoutmaster Botosso, during the Third International Seminar on SCENE Units (Scout Centers of Excellence in Nature and Environment), held in Costa Rica. SCENE is an international certification for Scouting Units / Campsites that practice conservation, sustainability and environmental education.

The BASE is located in Terezópolis de Goiás and our represents the connection of the Scout commitment to the environment.

Base Escoteira de Pesquisa e Educação Ambiental
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